My Movie of the Year

It’s that time of the year, where I should be sitting and making lists;
annual movie lists. I would have made if I could have, but then as a life long believer in the non evaluation of things decided not to.
Difficult it is, because some of them (movieses, as Gollum would have said) remain in your head and most of them don’t.

Matinee idol father breaks the news of his death to his wastrel son while playing ‘catch-catch’ in one of the most well written scenes I’ve seen, scene oscillates from life and death much like the ball; when Kamal controls his tears when his son says how misunderstood Kamal has been; ambiguous it is (Is it Kamal being referred here or is it Manoranjan?) but then I cried(kicked to do so as Ghibran’s Father and Son theme plays along)and have done so in subsequent viewings; but wait, I couldnt cry completely, enter a fan mob waiting outside, cheering and sucking the life out of that one perfect personal moment that father and son would have had, putting a smile under a crying face. Maybe there are no perfect moments in life, or all of them are, form whichever way this can be seen from(pinnite po!)

Even before the movie ended, I knew that this was a sticker ( a movie that I would watch multiple times and the scenes/lines would stick with me over the course of remaining life). Unabashedly made without giving any thoughts to formula buckets, part diary entry part love letter to the movies, it’s Birdman meets Monty Python in the most unimaginable way.(also includes a scene of a crocodile eating a crocodile complete with tacky graphics!! giggleworthymax)

I cannot be as sure like the fan who cries out “Award confirm” in the end of this attached scene, but Kamal Haasan’s ‪#‎UttamaVillain‬ is my movie of the year!

Have a great year ahead.





A note on the Fawlty Rating System (FRS)

*Initially thought about in 1934, it came to fruition only in the late 2000s.

*It is the only movie rating system in the universe to be based on a Buddhist scroll that was actually written by an Irish traveller who had been an assistant director in the movie “Birth of a nation”, the scroll was curiously titled “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to make a Baahubali”

*The rating system is now named after than Irish Traveller, a small portions of proceeds from this review will go to a bhel puri vendor in an undisclosed street corner for secret reasons.

*All numbers and words are arbitrary, mostly imaginary. They do not mean anything

A note on the Fawlty Rating System Ends

Movie: Thangamagan


-321.3 : Movie begins with hero voice over, introducing himself, family, house etc. (thus being the 1001th movie to do so).

+231 Movie referencing another movie plot so as to indicate that this is basically that movie, hence making it easy for audience to sit and eat popcorn

-56: Guys will go to temple to find girls

-102: Heroine’s mother believes going to temple increases culture quotient

-3: Hero will fully shave to look young

+4 Growth of beard indicates responsibility, making me wonder about another famous tagline “with a great moustache, comes great responsibility”

-7 Heroine is architect will build house for herself without hero’s parents

-56 The continuing problem of the loyal hero friend cliché, maybe perfect example of “supporting” role

-20 Understanding wife is absolutely understanding

-12 Understanding mother is absolutely understanding

-12 Understanding father is absolutely understanding, innocent also

-10 Hero’s father is so cool, because he treats him like friend cliché

-156.7 Cousin becomes film villain because hero went to temple without him to see figure/heroine number one

-203 This is entire driving point for the story, no really

-3 Darjeeling

-18.9 Hero comfortably named so as to mouth punch dialogue

+564 Rock behind hero’s house

-2 Overall Drama

-234.6666 Money is not everything, family is. OK.


That’s all, nothing more to say.